• A personal note on IGBP and the social sciences

    Humans are an integral component of the Earth system as conceptualised by IGBP. João Morais recalls key milestones in IGBP’s engagement with the social sciences and offers some words of advice for Future Earth.
  • IGBP and Earth observation:
    a co-evolution

    The iconic images of Earth beamed back by the earliest spacecraft helped to galvanise interest in our planet’s environment. The subsequent evolution and development of satellites for Earth observation has been intricately linked with that of IGBP and other global-change research programmes, write Jack Kaye and Cat Downy .

IGBP SC Officers and Members

Past IGBP SC ICSU appointed Officers and Members

(names listed in alphabetical order)

Past IGBP SC Chairs

Guy P. Brasseur, Germany

Peter Liss, UK (also treasurer)

James J. McCarthy, USA

Berrien Moore III, USA

Carlos A. Nobre, Brazil

James P.M. Syvitski, USA

Past IGBP SC Vice-Chairs:

Zhisheng An, China: Beijing

Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, China: Taipei

Bert Bolin, Sweden

Paul Josef Crutzen, Germany

Opha Pauline Dube, Botswana

J A Eddy, USA

Isao Koike, Japan (also treasurer)

Margaret S. Leinen, USA

Karin Lochte, Germany

Jerry M. Melillo, USA

Eric Onyango Odada, Kenya

Jean Palutikof, Australia

Mary C. Scholes, South Africa

Olga Solomina, Russian Federation

Mark Stafford Smith, Australia

Robert W. Stewart, Canada

Shizuo Tsunogai, Japan

Robert J. Wasson, Australia

Past IGBP SC Treasurers:

Patrick Buat-Menard, France

Robert A. Duce, USA

Jan Willem Erisman, Netherlands

Isao Koike, Japan (also vice-chair)

Seth Krishniswami, India

Peter Liss, UK (also chair)

Past IGBP SC Members:

Inder Pal Abrol, India

Dagobarto Arcos, Chile

Raymond S. Bradley, USA

Eduardo S. Brondizio, USA

Mercedes Bustamante, Brazil

Martin Claussen, Germany

Rodolfo Dirzo, USA

Congbin Fu, China: Beijing

Sulochana Gadgil, India

Victor G. Gorshkov, Russian Federation

Ann Henderson-Sellers, Australia

Dunxin Hu, China: Beijing

Henry Jacoby, USA

Stephan Kempe, Germany

Takashi Kohyama, Japan

Christiane Lancelot, Belgium

Sandra Lavorel, France

Kon Kee (KK) Liu, China: Taipei

Ulrike Lohmann, Switzerland

José Marengo, Brazil

Patricia A. Matrai, USA

Pamela Matson, USA

Taroh Matsuno, Japan

Cheikh Mbow, Kenya

Gordon A McBean, Canada

Michel Meybeck, France

Wandera Ogana, Kenya

Richard W. Peltier, Canada

Dahe Qin, China: Beijing

Katherine Richardson Christensen, Denmark

Henning Rodhe, Sweden

Steven W. Running, USA

Lynn Russell, USA

Osvaldo E. Sala, USA

S. Krishnakumari Satheesh, India

Sybil Seitzinger, Canada

Priya Shyamsundar, USA

P. Bernard Tinker, UK

Mitsuo Uematsu, Japan

Dan Yakir, Israel

Georgy A. Zavarzin, Russian Federation

Countries given are members' last known countries of residence.

(Apologies if your name is missing from this list)

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