Global Change Newsletter No. 72

This issue highlights the 3rd IGBP Congress as well as the workshop held in September 2007 to celebrate IGBP's 20th anniversary.

Posted: December 2008

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IGBP’s New Executive Director Outlines Future Directions

Congress 2008:
In Search of Sustainable African Pathways by O.P. Dube and B. Scholes

AfricanNESS Science Plan and Implementation Strategy Completed

Cape Town Declaration

IGBP Science at the Cape Town Congress: Some Idiosyncratic Reflections by M. Stafford Smith

IGBP Strengthens Links with its National Committees by J. M.F. de Morais

Congress 2008 in pictures

IGBP’s 20th Anniversary:

  • IGBP Celebrates 20 Years of Earth System Science by K. Noone
  • Development in the Planetary Phase of Sustainability by J. Rockström
  • Air Quality and Climate Change: The Fundamental Discoveries of Chemistry and RadiativeTransfer by R. J. Charlson
  • Climate Change Can Be Curbed – Will it Happen? by A. Mogren
  • Air Quality and Climate: Sustainable Allocations, Extended Responsibilities by P. Kistler