• Using the Planet

    Even before the advent of agriculture, Homo sapiens kicked off an entirely new process of planetary change. Earth would never be the same. Instead of mere centuries, Erle C Ellis advances a broader view of the Anthropocene, over many millennia, and what that means for land stewardship.
  • Lessons from a simulated civilisation

    The rise and fall of the ancient Maya has
    intrigued historians and archaeologists for decades. Now, Earth-system scientists are taking a keen interest. Scott Heckbert asks: what role might environmental conditions and trade play in the growth and eventual collapse of a civilisation?

UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon opens RIo+20 summit with state of the planet film co-produced by IGBP and Globaia

UN's largest summit, Rio+20, kicks off with film co-produced by IGBP

The UN's largest event, Rio+20, opened last week with a short state-of-the-planet film encapsulating 20 years of IGBP research including concepts such as the Anthropocene and the Great Acceleration. The film, Welcome to the Anthropocene, was produced by IGBP's Owen Gaffney and Globaia's Felix Pharand Deschenes.  
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State of the planet film:

The 3-minute data visualization was originally developed for the Anthropocene.info website and commissioned by the Planet Under Pressure conference. The film takes the viewer on a journey across the planet and through the last 250 years of Earth's history - from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the Rio+20 summit.

Full resolution version, below.

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