• From clouds to carbon:
    land-atmosphere interactions
    in the spotlight

    Understanding the interface between the land and the atmosphere has been an important component of IGBP’s research. Here we highlight three recent contributions that resulted from research sponsored by the Integrated Land Ecosystem–Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS).

  • Coastal megacities:
    risks and opportunities

    Every year, more and more people are flocking to live near the sea’s edge, often congregating in massive cities. Sophie Blackburn and Mark Pelling explore what happens when urban and coastal zones collide.


Third International Symposium on Arctic Research (ISAR-3)

January 15, 2013 - January 17, 2013
Tokyo, Japan
Japan Consortium for Arctic Environmental Research (JCAR) (isar@jcar.org)
Arctic Environment is changing drastically due to the intensified warming in this region through interaction of the components such as atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and terrestrial conditions.  In order to understand the feedback processes between the various components in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, and to project the future, we need to exchange more knowledge and information than ever by combining the different scientific communities under the common interest.

This Symposium will be directed to detect and clarify the recent changes and understand the substantial processes in the region and to search the global influence.  It will be also directed to envision the future through further scientific discussions and to enhance more national and international cooperation/collaboration, including the ones between Arctic and non-Arctic countries. The discussions on direction and expected outcomes of the new GRENE Arctic Project in Japan will also be included.

ISAR-1("Drastic Change under the Global Warming") was successfully held on November 4-6, 2008, followed by ISAR-2("Arctic System in a Changing Earth), was held on December 7-9, 2010 both in Tokyo. We have planned ISAR-3 including some topics under the theme "Detecting the change in the Arctic System and searching the global influence.” It will be held on January 15-17, 2013 in Tokyo.  We would like to invite you to the ISAR-3 which will be initiated under the auspices of the National Committee of IASC of the Science Council of Japan and Japan Consortium for Arctic Environmental Research (JCAR), with support of several Institutes and Agencies. The Symposium language will be English.

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